Jane Bird

photo of Jane Bird

• Media training

Your spokespeople should be your organisation’s best advertisement ― they define its public image. But how effectively can they communicate with the media? Are they able to get their message across in a lively, clear and quotable way? Can they handle journalists and deal with difficult questions? Whether they’re new media interviews, or have many years experience, training will hone their skills, boost their confidence and equip them to tackle the rottweilers

• Message brainstorming

Many organisations are so busy with day-to-day fire-fighting that they haven’t time to stand back and think about their public image. Small wonder their marketing lacks focus and spokespeople struggle when put on the spot. A message brainstorming session helps identify sound-bites and tag-lines that work for your organisation. It also covers proof points and examples to highlight and explain key products and services giving spokespeople a treasure chest of messages and quotable quotes.

• Copywriting

Consistency in style and content across all your written and spoken output, whether it is speeches, white papers, case studies or marketing campains, helps reinforce key messages and ensures people know what your organisation stands for. Using the professional writing skills of an experienced journalist brings you top quality copywriting. It combines accuracy and authority with a lively accessible style whatever your audience.